Road Map

Client Engager Features Roadmap

Features recently released, currently in development, and under review for future development are displayed here.

All content is drawn directly from the Client Engager Product Development team and from suggestions from our community.

Job report Improvements

Completed job report updated now includes fee for each job as shown on deadline and a total at the bottom.

Configure send email on Email Integration

The email integration settings page now shows you which mail box or user login is connected to the shared inbox and personal inbox and this is also shown in the email page on the left hand menu

Calculator added to automation setting window

A new calculator is now added to the automation setting window telling you based on the days months and weeks entered when the first email will generate

Sort by upload date and time

The system now shows you upload dates and times of files in folders and allows organising in date and time order rather than just alphabetical order

UX/UI Improvements

New left hand menu ordering in the client details page to make it more logical

Overhauled services report base

A new completed service report which is the base of which we will be launching time tracking, budgeting and more in the coming three months

New App Integrations

Xero and Gmail Integration

Crosscheck VAT numbers with HMRC

New button added in tax references for vat that allows the checking of vat numbers against hmrc register

Restrict read and write abilities for users

Ability to restrict which contacts can see which folders for each client. This allows you to give previous accountant or new accountant access to to a portal for a client and only let them see the clearance folder to upload or download from or allow the clients admin into certain folders but not all

Clarity on folder creation

Ability to see if client folders were created by the client or the firm and then it tells you who uploaded each document added in a column on the folder view

Completed Job Report default date view

Dates on the completed job report now default to the last full month rather than the last 30 days from the day you look at the report

Test Planned post

this is a test 🙂

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