Check List

Tailored Check Lists

Ensure standards are met within your practice. Checklists ensure nothing is overlooked.

The job checklist can be edited by yourself, it can be as long or as short to suit the needs of your practice. The job can not be moved on until this quality assurance has been completed.

Features Include

On or Off

Every service, even new services added have the option of switching checklists on or off. We recommend leaving them on as it just adds that extra layer of reminders.

Tailor by the client

We understand that a ‘one checklist fits all’ approach works. That’s why we created the benchmark checklist with the ability to customise by client.

Easy to complete

Checklists are visually easy on the eye. More importantly we believe they will encourage proactive work ethics.

Progress indicator

The progress percentage indicator lets you know how much of the checklist has been completed. A good way to check progress.