Bank Fetch by Armalytix

Request accurate bank statement data using Armalytix

Recognising not every client has software with bank feed we have integrated with Armalytix to bring a super efficient method of getting accurate bank data.

You will save hours, if not days of manual data entry.
This is a separate subscription, but the efficiency savings will be game changing.

Features Include

Getting client bank statements is a pain. Get the data and financial insights you need, in moments.

For accounting professionals and auditors, chasing clients for bank statements and conducting client due diligence is more frustrating and time-consuming than it needs to be.

Armalytix solves this for you, giving you the data and insights you need quickly, accurately and securely – with a simple, digital journey for your clients.

Save hours of manual data entry

We decided to build an API into Armalytix to improve the efficiency and accuracy of creating ban CSV’s.

Use our code “Engager10” to try 10 reports for free. Once you experience the speed and accuracy we think you’ll sign up for their paid solution.

Request any period

Once connected simply specify the date range you require and send the request to the client. You can request up-to 2 years worth of historical data.

Email or text the request

Once the date range has been selected a pre-populated email will be sent to the client – Another option is to copy the link and text the client.

Get notified once allowed

There is a notification option for more than one member of the team. Also there is a widget on the dashboard detailing outstanding requests.