Letters of Engagement

Generate Letters of Engagement instantly

Produce Letters of Engagement in seconds, simply select the services, fee periods and responsibilities, and the job is done effortlessly.

Built in electronic signature capability means the engagement letter can be signed in seconds.

Features Include

Your branding

When setting up your firm you can upload your logo and choose the main theme colour. Stand out against your competition with clean, colourful letters of engagement.


Our system has a built in email template. Edit the tone or wording so it sits with your firms image. Either way, onboarding clients is a breeze.

Scope of Services

You can easily change how to display each service provided, use the placeholders to either summarise or itemise the fee tables.

Variable Fee Schedule

Whether you bill on a monthly recurring retainer, one off or pay as you go; our clean, defined pricing table ensures your client can easily understand the pay schedule.