Time Tracking

Effortless Time Tracking for Enhanced Task and Service Profitability

Track time, monitor profitability and plan staff capacity

Time tracking within Client Engager is super simple, designed to be used for each and every user within your practice.

Features Include

Link time recordings to clients, tasks and phases

Our seamless time tracking is embedded directly into your workflow, aligning with services, tasks, and clients, empowering you to manage your practice with precision and ease.

Monitor service profitability

Our phase-based time tracking enables proactive budget management and bottleneck identification. Streamlining has never been simpler, transforming what was once a tedious, manual task into an effortless automated process.

Billing time has never been easier!

Set individual charge rates for each team member and enjoy a streamlined billing process. Review, adjust, and invoice with just a few clicks. Billing time has never been simpler.

Retain control over time entry edits - Coming April

Empower your team with role-based control. Our user hierarchy system allows you to assign time entry permissions according to job roles, safeguarding the integrity of your billing process against retrospective changes.