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ToD are a leading Al technology that assists with common tax queries.

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ToD (Tax on Demand) is an Al technology designed to assist accountants and bookkeepers with common tax and accounting queries.

It’s data is limited to official sources and helps to navigate more than 20,000 pages of legislation.

What is ToD?

Tax on Demand (tod) is an artificial intelligence company. Their mission is to build tools powered by Al and automation technologies that empower accountants in general practice and enable them to better serve their clients. They’re focused on developing emerging technologies that are likely to have a positive impact of the accountancy profession as a whole.

ToD's Mission

ToD believes that the future is Human-Al collaboration; a world where Al systems assist and augment the capabilities of accountants in general practice to maximise opportunities, mitigate risks and eliminate significant inefficiencies in manually intensive and time-consuming tasks. These tools should be accessible to every accountant in general practice, not just those with the time, team and resources to build them.